About Us

Plant Based Drippin launched in 2016 to help spread a healthy message in a cool way. For many people, the thought of veganism is giving up your favorite foods for salads and sprouts. This lifestyle isn't about eating grass all day. It's about making healthier decisions in all aspects of your life.

Plant Based Drippin promotes a health conscious lifestyle with a splash of flavor. The cool thing about this brand is no one is left out. Whether you're a vegan vet or just starting out, you too can have the drip!

Since our release, Plant Based Drippin grew from an idea to a lifestyle brand providing the drip to over 10,000 people worldwide! We think it’s cool to be healthy and strive to relay that message everyday. Eat healthy, be dope!

Drippin adj. 1 Overflowing with style and flavor
Synonyms: confidence, swag, glow